know howSicplant has acquired, since 1960, a huge knowledge in different sectors setting up a patrimony of experiences which makes SICPLANT able to offer its Customers a diversified variety of advanced technologies.
Engineering solutions worked out in completely different fields offer our project managers brilliant hints for new applications.
Besides we have the plants operation experience, due to our activity in on-the-job training of Customers technicians (one to six months after start-up) and after sales assistance, apart from the operation of our workshop and pilot plants.
Some technologies are internal to our Group, whereas others are specially developed by SICPLANT in cooperation with national and international research institutes, as in the case of environmental protection, which in recent years has experienced the greatest expansion of all our sections.
SICPLANT is of course organized to design plants on Customer’s technologies, always binding itself to strict confidentiality. In other cases specific technologies are made available by Customers from an external source. Some Customers require the supply of plants based on specific licences.
In this case SICPLANT selects, identifies and acquires the requested license in order to offer the Customer an integrated package incorporating the whole responsibility for the plant and the technological process.
However, SICPLANT is used to employing case by case specific Consultants and to joining expertise with specific Producers for parameters setting during commissioning and start-up of the lines.
The principles which guide SICPLANT in giving its services to Customers are quality, dependability, accuracy, timeliness, economy.