Sicplant Group Activities


On-site data collection;
Market Research;
Verification of Production.

Industrial Plants/Equipment Supply

Basic and detailed engineering;
Utilities/Building requirements;
Full supply of industrial equipment, accessories and spare parts;
Transportation of supplies to destination and required insurance.


Credit Line;
Supplier’s Credit.

Project Management

Machinery/Equipment Procurement;
Manufacture Progress Control;
Technical Documentation.


Technical assistance for site preparation;
On-site assembly of supplied equipment;
Training of Customer’s operators;
Remote assistance.

Technical Assistance

Guarantee Period Intervention;
Technological Improvements;
After-sales Assistance.

SICPLANT activities can be categorized in the following three modalities:

Main Contracting

SICPLANT takes upon itself the overall responsibility of turn-key projects involving:
- Know-how

Project Management

In the realization of new factories or new production departments, in the transfer or rationalization/expansion of existing factories...

Specially designed machinery

Sometimes the optimisation of the industrial process requires machinery which is not available on the market.