SICPLANT INTERNATIONAL is an Italian Engineering and Contracting Company leader of an international Group operating since 1960 in industrial engineering and in the realization of turn-key industrial plants in various sectors. During decades of activity it has realized more than 100 projects and plants in 25 different Countries.
SICPLANT utilizes the most advanced technologies and implements the projects employing a staff of more than 30 highly experienced engineers with Headquarters in Varese.

The denomination of SICPLANT was originally introduced in 1972 for the Mother Company of the Group, although the Sicplant Team had already been active for 12 years under an earlier name.

The Sicplant Team during its development has gone through the phases of consultancy in industrial reorganization, advanced engineering services, design and realization of special machinery, project management and supply of turn-key plants.

Organization Chart

Organization Chart

Sicplant Group

The leader of the Group is:

SICPLANT INTERNATIONAL acts as Main Contractor for the supply, assembly, start up and commissioning of “turn-key” plants or plant’s parts. It also works for the reconstruction and reorganization/transfer of already existing factories, and for the conversion of plants to more ecological and safer production technologies

On the whole, SICPLANT Group can count on 3 Agriculturists, 7 Biologists and Chemists, 5 Credit Specialists, 1 Economist, 30 Engineers, 3 Operations and Management Specialists, 4 Science and Technology Specialists, 5 Surveyors, Estimators and Inspectors, 26 Technicians and Draftsmen, 6 Administrative and Support Staff.
Native speakers of Italian, German, Russian, Chinese, Arabic and Farsi work permanently within SICPLANT Group.

Our offices are equipped with two computer networks, one for technical and one for administrative/clerical services.
The former includes among other:
– drafting/multilingual word processor (Italian, English, French, German, Russian, Chinese)
– electronic sheet
– formulator
– workstations for computer aided design
– PERT project planning
– pagemaker
– graphics and sundries
– electronic mail and internet connection.

The design department is further equipped with AUTOCAD-working stations, complete with plotter, laser printer, etc.


Presence in the World

SICPLANT is present worldwide with a network of Representatives who, besides the promotion of SICPLANT activities, act as liaison offices and take care of after sales requirements.
In the diagram you can see our representation points throughout the world:
Presence in the world
Aleppo Berlino Havana Kiev Recife Tripoli
Amman Bucharest Hanoi Lahore Rome Tunis
Athens Buenos Aires Hong Kong Mexico City Skopje Vienna
Baghdad Cairo Istanbul Moscow Stockholm Washington
Baku Dhaka Kathmandu Nicosia Tashkent
Beijing Durres Khartoum Port of Spain Tehran