The Frontend is you wordpress Website and the backend is the website-administration page. In simple, front end is similar to user interface criteria and back end is similar to database and other admin criteria. Backend developers create and maintain the technology necessary to make your website operate properly, such as the WordPress core and plugins. They use databases, server scripts, APIs (application programming interfaces), and other behind the scenes systems. Since you are a user of the modern era, you will be investing your time and resources in setting up a modern database, such as SQL, MySQL, MongoDB.

TypeScript developers make an average of $130,000/year in the US. TypeScript is an open source “superset” of JavaScript that builds on JS’s foundation so you can develop higher-quality, less buggy code. It can be used in the backend with other JS technologies like NodeJS and Express. As of November 2021, JavaScript developers made an average of $110,591/year in the US.


At the start of your web development journey, you will often hear about the frontend and the backend parts of an application. To view only the source code, press Ctrl + U on your computer’s keyboard. Right-click a blank part of the web page and select View source from the pop-up menu that appears.

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You click on that particular dish in your browser and wait for a new page to open up where you can select some side options and click on the checkout button to get the order delivered to your home address. However, you may not know that when you click on the menu item on the main page, the website sends a request back to the server-side for all the relevant information regarding your chosen page. As an admin of your new website, the only end that you should be interacting with is the frontend. At DOJO, every website is built by a full-stack developer to be easily maintained by you, regardless of your technical experience. In short – the frontend is for you and your customers – the back end is for the developers.

Perks of learning back-end web development

Like also install Django in some other ways, like easy install or just with GitHub code directly, but this is the best way to go. Well, in back end developers, so let’s enter this same room, or space states for now? Okay, normally, I’m supposed to see all the data I’m getting in real time right here, where I guess, not Chrome. So if anything happened, if we add an arrow, we just say an error occurred. So this first of all, is the user name of the person that sent the message. So this means that all these Ajax function and getting all the requests, everything is going to be done every second.

So right here in VS code, we just need to add impose the body will say, truncate, truncate words. So guys, what we’re gonna do next now is to make sure that it doesn’t show all the characters of the posts or the old body of the post. So now let’s go back in year, and then, to make the latest post be on top are gonna say for post in posts, reverse. So we don’t want all the posts when he wants me to like the first 20 words or something like that, or the first 50 characters. So once a user clicks on these, they’re gonna take the user to read the whole post.

Backend Developer Salary

A database is also known as a building block for any web application or website as this helps provide a platform to save data in a persistent way to the server-side machine memory. This server machine has all the information in databases, and it is more than capable of handling multiple requests simultaneously. Nowadays, people often use computers that are specifically designed to be used as server computers.

backend of website

So once you have all those downloaded and installed, you can just open up your PG admin. So what I want to do now is walk you through the steps of how you can connect another database provider into your Django project. So if you know how to do this, then you know how to query it from the database when you just do object dojo, and then get everything you need. So most of the times my personal devices, when you are using your dynamic you are set, you are very, very, very specific about it, I will advise you to use the string in it. So if anything, apart from an integer is being Pass in the URL, if you see it or not found, so it’s not part of our code is not part of our project, whereby change is now 298. All right here, we can do something like pass, then we can see something like, posts slash str, big K, and then we close it.

Backend Language #1: Java

And then obviously, we have to use the backslash before we can write a code. So right here Now, let me just crude, these, I can just easily write a Python code, I can say print. As you know, we did this for the text document, which is dot txt, you can even use a Python file to open a new Python file.

backend of website

Now we can also do the same thing for all of these for what we can do is to come into our views. So now that this feature one is inheriting from the feature model, we can now easily specify the detail of the attributes of this feature. Now that we have that imported Well we can just do is to say, let’s say feature one. And I’m very sure is because we’ve not linked all the files, we were supposed to link measures copied this static analysis, continue linking, we continue linking.

To begin this journey, we need to understand the concept of site rendering. In layman’s terms, site rendering means generating or rendering HTML output. HTML is a markup language that web developers use to create web pages.

  • The most popular languages for the back-end are PHP, Ruby, Python, SQL, and Java.
  • So right here in this form, we need to create some things which are going to allow us to submit that obviously, so in the form, we’re going to listen, the form, right should be down below, discloses.
  • So right now, instead of all these country code, coordinates, we can just use these same thing for for the temperature also, for the prayer, humidity.
  • Now, the models is very easy to configure, instead of using like a date, a database table SQL code, we’re just gonna use the classes in Python to build our database.
  • So just like a function with an if statement or something like that.

Now functions allows you to package your code Well, let me say restructure goodwill is just like a block of code, which performs a particular tasks the way you want to use the function, you just call it. It’s very easy, we just released two dot reverse, almost to print list two, you’ll see that it’s printed from oranges, then two mango, two apples, and two bananas. And then once the user type in something like theme, or Tommy or john, anything users type, we want to save it in this variable called name. So Python is one of the fastest growing programming languages in the world.