While it may sound strange, you don’t want a WordPress developer who thinks he can do everything. The most experienced workers in this field often choose to offload certain tasks that aren’t in their specialties if necessary. With so many coding languages available, finding a suitable WordPress developer is challenging. But lucky for you, we’ve put together this handy guide to help you make sense of it all. This content has been made available for informational purposes only.

Let’s get to know more about this role and how web development works. While the two may seem similar on the surface, they have stark differences that make them stand out. Basically, web developers create and design web pages such as websites or lead generation pages. Their role is to maintain the front-end (client-facing) and the back-end of a website.


If you are satisfied with the outcome you can continue to book the same freelancer through Upwork’s easy-to-use project interface. When it comes to plugins, I would assume a level of experience and knowledge that exists about the available WordPress hooks. Creating bespoke WordPress plugins can add customized functionality to WordPress websites, and make a site stand out from the rest without having to directly edit the basic code of the site. Like with many jobs, WordPress developers with a background in PHP come in both junior and senior roles.

They must evaluate their code for any possible errors before releasing the program. In order to ensure that the requirements are met, they must also consistently get feedback from the client and consumer sides. A web developer’s primary responsibility is writing code to create a website. They must be adept at using different programming practices, languages, and tools to effectively produce a quality product. Furthermore, they must adhere to the modern standards and ethics of web development. Think of Sales Engineers as salespeople with a certain level of technical expertise.

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We’ll look at the basics of PHP programming in the second tutorial in this series, but it’s worth brushing up on your skills to become proficient. Learning WordPress development might seem like a daunting thing to do but it all comes down to getting started. So we’ve put together this free series to help get you started. All they can do is simply read the private site they were invited to and leave comments on it .

  • In a server-side language, you could write code for something like good and before that command is sent to the user, the server would process it and figure out what to put in place of .
  • When one of their posts is ready to be published or has been revised, the site owner or another administrator can review it.
  • That’s why it’s so important to learn this useful scripting language for various WordPress functions.
  • An Editor can create, edit, publish, and deleteanypost or page , as well as moderate comments, upload to the media library, and manage categories, tags, and links.
  • There are lots of differences, but once you have the basics pinned down, moving forward isn’t such a big leap.
  • A WordPress developer is someone who specializes in the overall infrastructure of the WordPress platform.
  • To make this happen, a plugin may modify the backend and/or the front-end of a website.

Software developers with artistic backgrounds can also become UI or UX designers. It’s a great career path for them, especially if they have advanced coding chops to boot. These skills allow them to create appealing mockups in CSS or HTML and collaborate with other developers about the design. Most industries can hardly survive without using some type of program in today’s tech-fueled economy. Because of this burgeoning need for problem-solving software, the ongoing demand for software developers has never been greater. Additionally, most software allows users to perform tasks on any computing device.

What The Data Says About WordPress Developer Freelance Rates

The median annual salary for web developers in the US is $78,300, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics . However, web developers in the US can earn up to $249,297 according to Glassdoor salary insights . How much you earn will depend on many factors, including where you work, what industry you work in, and how much experience you have. Your best option may be to advertise your opening on a proven job board. There are many widely used job sites out there that draw visits from qualified candidates.

For instance, what makes a business successful, and how can you reflect that in the WordPress sites you create? Find a developer who can show off what your company has to offer the best. Tying into marketing as mentioned above, look for developers who understand search engine optimization best practices. The individual components of a webpage influence how well it is indexed by a search engine.

In summary, both WordPress developers and web developers have important roles to play in website development. Understanding the differences between the two can help you choose the right professional for your specific needs. Whether you need a simple WordPress site or a complex web application, there’s a professional out there who can help you bring your vision to life. Ongoing testing and code reviews are a natural part of application development. Try to hire someone who can take constructive criticism effectively. Improvement through feedback is how all the most successful businesses deal with website design.

What is the role of WordPress developer

If you’re looking to join the best of the best, get in touch today. If you’re looking to become a WordPress developer, it’s time to start thinking about what areas of the WordPress platform you want to specialize in. WordPress developers usually work on the front-end or back-end of a website.

But it’s the ones who power through and don’t give up and are always pushing themselves to learn who succeed–and this determination that establishes the good coders from the bad. Once you get how everything works, you learn more and more as you create new and bigger projects and everything becomes easier. After object-oriented PHP, learning C# was not a huge effort because your brain becomes accustomed to the logic of it. It’s similar to picking up a ukulele after playing the guitar, or learning to drive a truck once you’ve practiced driving a car. There are lots of differences, but once you have the basics pinned down, moving forward isn’t such a big leap. Build tools are something you will want to explore at some point as well.

Learning any server-side language will give you insight into how programming works, and it will bestow a special kind of logic, which you can use to solve all sorts of problems on and offline. No matter what code you write, no matter what language you use, it all eventually boils down to HTML when sending web pages to a user, and very likely some CSS styled that page. WordPress also has a free Plugin Directory, with an inventory quickly climbing to 60,000 plugins. It’s a great source of tools, inspiration, and examples of great code . A Contributor can create and edit onlytheir ownposts but cannot publish them.

The high adoption rate of WordPress for the creation of business websites has resulted in the service’s market share of 35% of online content. For this reason, expertise in WordPress development is in high demand. Build job-ready skills for an in-demand career and earn a credential from Meta. Front-end web developers work on the visual part of the website—the pages visitors see and interact with . They design the physical layout of each page, integrate graphics, and use HTML and JavaScript to enhance the site.

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First, according to an article from Upwork, the average freelance WordPress developer on their platform charges anywhere from $20-$100. A lot of WordPress developers are freelancers, not full-time employees. So let’s talk about that secret – let’s talk about the average WordPress developer salary. Currently, there are over 50,000 free WordPress plugins and 5,000 free WordPress themes, as well as tons of premium options. At its core, WordPress is the simplest, most popular way to create your own website or blog.In fact, WordPress powers over 43.3% of all the websites on the Internet.

What is the role of WordPress developer

If you have someone internally who can dedicate the time and energy to sort through applications and screen individuals effectively, this can be a great choice. The heavy lifting is done for you when working with a top-tier staffing company like 4 Corner Resources. We source, screen, https://globalcloudteam.com/ recruit, and deliver only the most qualified candidate, saving you significant time and effort throughout the hiring process while you remain focused on your core business. Understanding your needs and ensuring the right candidate for the position is the key to our success.

Summary of Roles

Our organisation is in search of a WordPress Developer who has a deep understanding of the WordPress platform to design and implement various modular components for our company’s website. You will be knowledgeable in both front and back end design, including implementing plugins and themes. You will also need the knowledge of how to manage the various how to hire a wordpress developer security functions that are on offer to ensure unauthorized access is not achieved. Furthemore, you will need good communication skills as you will need to interact with many different stakeholders and other developers on a regular basis. Administrators can create more Administrators,invite new users, remove users, andchange user roles.

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On the other hand, DevOps Engineers bridge both development and operations when building software. In practice, these roles tend to overlap as both need an understanding of system architecture and automation. Aside from coding and designing, software developers need to spot and fix bugs efficiently. It’s their job to check their code for any errors before the big launch. They’ll only go live when the website has been carefully assessed by the team and the client.

WordPress developers who specializes in front-end development usually have a strong focus on the overall visual appearance of a website. A quick search for ‘WordPress developer’ jobs on Google yields many results asking for individuals who have the ability to develop WordPress plugins as well as standard day-to-day requests. While this can be really helpful for clients with basic website requests, things tend to get a bit trickier when clients want a plugin that doesn’t exist. It’s important to understand that PHP isn’t limited just to WordPress. Having a strong understanding of PHP won’t only make for a great WordPress developer, but will also be beneficial for developers working on other platforms, too.

Yearly Cost of Maintaining a WordPress Site

If you want to add a new capability, then check the ‘Grant’ box. In this example, we will be editing the ‘Author’ role, but you can choose the best role for your needs. First thing you need to do is activate and install the plugin. For more details, see our step by step guide on how to install a WordPress plugin. Contributors can also view all website comments, but they cannot approve or delete comments.